Website for Non-Profits

We have developed a turnkey package for home school groups and parents including email newsletters, downloadable forms, and calendars.


REACH Homeschool Co-Op

The REACH Homeschool Co-Op is a small homeschooling group in Richardson, TX. The group wanted a website that would display upcoming events and calendars, advertise co-operative class information, and make registration forms available for download. The website had to look appealing enough to encourage other families to join the group.

The website implementation by Worldwide Clarity proved that world-class technologies based on open-source solutions like Drupal can be made affordable for even small organizations. Worldwide Clarity created a complete website framework for homeschool groups based on the Drupal platform to support class information, calendaring, email newsletters, form downloads, and other features unique to home school. Worldwide Clarity provided complete design, development and training services for the project. All of the content can be easily created or updated by the team as easily as filling out a form or writing an email.